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Lake Ontario Dancing Sociables (LODS)
Rules & Policies

By Victor Jean Ouellette
Ladies are encouraged to ask men to dance. We don't always stay together in our own couples. We dance on occasion with other couples partners.
Don't say you will show up for a function and then not show. Always call or e-mail.
Functions are Dutch Treat, women and men pay their own way, unless you have made specific arrangements.
People can agree to couple up and consider themselves a couple for a dance.
When you hear of a function that you think the group might be interested in, or you would like to find a partner to go with, or another couple to go with, then post the info on the bulletin board or send an e-mail to a particular person or couple.
We will try to keep the E-mail down to a minimum.
The Events Page is where you will go to learn about functions and info on the events.
The Bulletin Board is where you will go if you wish to send everyone a message or discuss a topic.
We are just getting this going again now as of May 2007, so please be patient with us.