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     There is a type of dance that fits everyone. If you don't like ballroom, there is swing dance, if you don't like swing, there is Salsa, if you don't like Salsa, there is jazz dancing (Lindy Hop), if you don't like jazz, there is country and western. And, believe it or not, there are even more types of dance that we have not listed here. The idea, is to get out and dance.

Mission Statement
Our Mission is to put like minded people together for a fun dancing and socializing group for both single and coupled people.

Bi Line
DF&E Fun, Fun, Fun
Dancing for Fitness and Enjoyment

To socialize with people interested in dancing.

What We do
We are a group of people interested in the social aspect of dancing.

We prefer to dance in groups at various functions. It's the, bring your own party type of thing.
We would like to develop a group of people interested in travelling to various cities for dancing functions, both day trips and weekend trips.


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Why is Dancing Good for You?
By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette

Dancing is 'Mind Massaging Movement'. The body is moving while the mind has to memorize steps then think of what step to do next. This keeps the mind active and healthy.
Dancing helps alleviate stress and depression by giving you something to do, a project that requires effort and patience.
Dancing teaches you discipline and self control.
The physical exercise is good for the joints and good for the heart.
The physical exercise of dancing helps keep weight down.
Dancing can be done at any age right up to the time that you have one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel.
Dancing is a social activity that gets you out of the house and into the community.
Dancing can bring you emotionally closer to your partner as a sense of accomplishment sets in when the two of you move as one. Other senses can set in too, but we won't talk about that here.
Dancing can be sexy and sensuous even for beginners.
Dancing offers multiple skill levels from novice to competition level, always offering something new to learn.

Copyright May 2003, Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette     All Rights Reserved

Pitfalls in Dancing
By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette

My toes, my toes, my aching toes
I got clobbered in a one foot pose.

It can break up a marriage if she wants to lead. If the lady is leading then the man is a wimp. The good thing is that the wimp phase of the learning curve usually doesn't last too long.
You buy nice new expensive special suede soled dance shoes, then some beginner steps all over them. LOL
Dancing with a dance instructor is mega intimidation. It doesn't matter how nice or how good the dance instructor is, dancing with them is always intimidating.
Never dance close when dancing with a dance instructor.
You learn a nice dance step in dance class then go to a REAL DANCE and are standing on the floor with a blank look on your face trying to remember what that great step was that you just learned.
Playing bumper cars can be fun sometimes but on the dance floor it means no FRAME. Gees, only the initiated will know what that means.
You have been shown a step 10 times but still don't get it. You finally get it then someone talks to you and you forget it.
An inexperienced leader (read man here) blinks and the very experienced follower (read lady here) turns sideways or spins. You are left wondering what it was that you did and the lady tells you that you sent a signal. Like WHAT signal was that?
The leader starts to do something then can't remember two seconds later but the signal is sent and the lady is-a-movin. Abortion takes place and the lady looks at you with a big grin and wide eyes like "Okay that was fun."
The lady says to the leader while on the dance floor, "I'm bored now, do something else." Ya like we've not heard that one before.

Copyright May 2003, Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette     All Rights Reserved

Dance Venues

For the newer people in our group there are some regular dances in the area that we frequent.

We are now goingto use only the pdf file from now on.



There is a great description of the types of swing dance at the Bees Knees web site.


Ansd some places to dance in the Toronto area.


Friday Nights




Polish Hall http://banquethallburlington.com/
2316 Fairview Street,
Burlington ON L7R 2E4

Right Beside Goodness Me.

7:30 pm Usually $15, No alcohol, free tea, coffee, snacks type food

Check with Frances to ensure the dance has not been bumped.


Once a month Toronto Swing Dance Society has its dance at teh Lithuania House on Bloor a bit East of Parkside.



The Capital Banquet Centre
Every Friday Night

Capital Banquet Centre http://capitolbanquet.com/

Dixie and CourtneyPark Junction.

Social dance, maybe 500 people, serve a hot meal, Usually $18, a few people there know and do ballroom



Harmony Club
Every Friday Night More ballroom I'm told.


St. Peter & Paul Banquet Hall
231 Milner Ave
Scarborough, Toronto, Ontario
M1S 5E3

Saturday Nights

Dover Court House in Toronto is a good place that we frequent for dance lessons and dances.



The WestWay Club http://www.thewestwayclub.ca/

Ballroom, food, $20 non members

They also offer dances Fridays and now Sundays too and on Wednesday afternoon from 12 to 3:30 pm.



Sunday Nights


Every two weeks or so at the Victoria park East Golf Club.


$15, no food, but free tea, Coffee, Cash bar, 6 pm sharp free dance lesson of some sort usually a ballroom theme.

The WestWay Club, See Saturday


Dance Venues Toronto

Toronto Swing Dance Society

1573 Bloor Street W., Toronto (between Keel and Dundas St. West)
- - - - - - -

Dovercourt House
at 805 Dovercourt Road, Toronto

Their new web site.



Toronto Lindy Hop


They will probably post their new page for 2018 soon.


They are both good groups, quite good dancers and into Lindy hop, West Coast Swing, and a little East Coast Swing.

Their web sites will give you all the info.

The Buffalo dance is a three to four day affair much like the Boston Tea Party is. The Boston Tea
part is generally held every March and the Buffalo dance is in the fall in September.

Boston Tea Party URL is