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Contemporary Dance Lessons
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 Basic social dancing tips for fun and exercise

Learn some easy going social dancing steps.
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The Very Basics
$5 a lesson. That's about the cost of one drink.

When? To be announced.

Start Date
To be determined. When we have enough people. Contact us to get on the list.

Where?  To be established in Ontario.

Dress?  Casual

Do you need a partner? No. But, it would be nice to bring someone to introduce to the other people.

To Jazz we dance Lindy Hop steps.
To Blues we dance West Coast Swing steps.
To certain Rock and Roll, we will dance East Coast Swing.
To Disco we dance the one step.
To Latin we dance Salsa, Mambo, or Balboa
To slower pedantic music we dance Fox Trot
When the beat is right and we want to get close, even to fast music, we will dance the Balboa. You have to try this one.

Dancing is a great exercise.
It helps prevent heart disease and keeps the brain sharp.

Come and join us. Get comfy on the dance floor.

Bulletin Board
We will use this site for the time being to talk to each other.

Over the last few years several people on various occasions and at different places, were heard to say that they could not dance to a particular band. Vic Ouellette and Jackie Gazzola decided to help out by showing some dance moves and helping those who want help, with finding the beat and choosing a step for that beat. Vic and Jackie are not dance instructors, but rather people who enjoy dance. They are average social dancers not competitive dancers. Those who frequent the dance places that Vic  and Jackie frequent, will have noticed that Vic has given several ladies some basic pointers over the years. We are pleased to do this and if more people would like to learn, then we will need to organise a more regular dance schedule.

The goals with this lesson project, are to have fun and meet new people while at the same time learning to move in new ways to various types of music. If you attend a series of classes, you will become more confident at dance and learn a repertoire of basic dance moves.  When finished, you will be able to dance to jazz, blues, swing, and slow dance music using several steps that fit the varying tempos of the music. After a few months of these classes you will never again say "Hey I couldn't
dance to the music of that band." Well, almost never.

Those people who wish to learn more advanced steps are encouraged to take lessons at one of the numerous dance schools around the area. Remember that learning dance steps is good for the brain.

People who claim they don't need to learn dance steps because they are doing just fine as they are, should reconsider the benefits to their brain.

In lessons, leaders will learn how to give a proper lead. Followers will learn how to follow effectively. What do leaders do with their partner's hand? What do followers do when their hand goes up over their head? For instance they are not supposed to turn right when the hand goes up. Why do followers keep their belly facing their hand? How do you pick a step to do with the music? Why do you need to start out by counting the beat? When do you stop counting? There are many questions and answers to almost all of them.

. Dancing is 'Mind Massaging Movement'. The body is moving while the mind has to memorize steps then think of what step to do next. This keeps the mind active and healthy. Scientific research points us toward keeping our mind active if we wish to stave off age related brain diseases. Learning dance steps fills the bill nicely.

. Dancing is a social activity that gets you out of the house and into the community. Research also shows that people who socialise do much better as they age. Young people socialise to meet new people. Dancing is an excellent way to meet new people. We will be teaching the Balboa, a dance the young people just love.

. Dancing helps alleviate stress and depression by giving you something to do, a project that requires effort and patience.

. Dancing teaches discipline and self control.

. The physical exercise is good for the joints and good for the heart.

. The physical exercise of dancing helps keep weight down.

. Dancing can be done at any age right up to the time that you have one foot in the grave and one foot on a banana peel.

. Dancing can bring you emotionally closer to your partner as a sense of accomplishment sets in when the two of you move as one. Other senses can set in too, but we won't talk about that here.

. Dancing can be sexy and sensuous even for beginners.

. Dancing offers multiple skill levels from novice to competition level, always offering something new to learn.
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