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The Deb Riopelle ChatBot in the lowwer right corner of your screen is used as a quick way to get Deb to contact you. Just refresh your page to use the ChatBot a second time.

Deb Riopelle New Bio

Hello, I'm Deb Riopelle. Having passion for the outdoors, nature and nostalgia, opened my mind to painting subjects and compositions all around me. Inspired by colour, shadows, reflexions, and movement to include sound, I prefer to paint outdoors or on location.

Many inspiring artists from around the world helped me study and improve. I am thrilled with my progress because of them. See my art exhibits in all regions of my community.

Several juried shows over the years have found me participating and you’ll see my exhibits many times, at Paint Ontario in Grand Brend, Hamilton Art Gallery, Etobicoke Civic Center Art Gallery, to name a few.

I belong to the Ingersoll Creative Art centre, Oxford Creative Connections, and Central Ontario art Association, where I am encouraged by my peers. We share in our accomplishments and have a grand relaxing time with our art.

Most recently, since I am also an avid dancer, I began bridging the expression of painting and dance, thus painting more dance related artwork. I seem to have trouble keeping these in stock as they fly off the walls into people's homes. My hope is to make all the walls that display my art smile.

Check out my new artwork here, http://DebRiopelle.com.