Dr. Ouellette's Solo Pool, Seven Level Billiards Game

     Beginner pool from a beginner

Learning how to Shoot Pool 
  A great way to practice pool shots on your own.


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Dr. Ouellette’s Solo Pool

Mastering the 4-Ball
Seven Level Billiards Game
The Canadian Game

By Dr. Victor Jean Ouellette

This game is for beginners. I am a beginner and invented this game for myself to help myself improve at the game more quickly. If you already know about ball angles, ball speed, ball spin, ball jumping, ball banking off the cushion etc., then you may find this game boring. However, it's not as easy as it looks. This game is also arranged so beginners can rank themselves at home without going to a tournament. The highest rank is 72.

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Benefits of this New Game

  • One of the major benefits is that this game taps into speed learning. In a normal game one tends to not learn the lesson, or learn slowly. In Dr. Ouellette's Solo Pool one sees readily what the mistake was and gets to practice the shot over and over again. That practice eventually makes it perfect.
  • Another benefit is that one can play this game alone and always have a goal to shoot for. Raising ones high score and ones MoE score is a constant goal.
  • Another benefit is cost. The game is free if you have your own pool table.
  • Children like games with high scores and games where they can see their mistakes readily. Children can play alone.


How it came into being

I had the occasion to move into a house that had a pool table. The only balls were the solids and stripes numbered 1 to 15. This offered me the opportunity to learn a game that I had always wanted to learn a bit better, but was always quite poor at when playing every few years, or every decade or so.

As I had to play alone at this house, I started out by playing my left hand against my right hand. I discovered that my left hand won about as many games as my right hand. How could that be? That meant to me that I was pretty darn terrible with both hands. Something was wrong. I didn’t know the game.

I set about learning how to teach myself and discovered a game that became sort of addicting for me. Level one of this game is designed to reduce the luck factor. Thus, you have to go three times around the table to show that you have control. So let's describe the size of the table and the kinds of balls I'm using.

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